Marine Diesel

When you need independent, trusted advice. When you need your turbo chargers to be smooth, reliable and efficient. When you need compliance and certification. When you need experience. You can trust Vargas Turbocharger Technologies. As one of the most established independent turbocharge workshops in the world, and the longest to have held ISO certification, you can be assured that we will look after all turbo chargers critical to your operations.

We will be there for you 24x7
We have field service engineers worldwide, with parts, exchange units to maximize the efficient running or your turbos.

What turbo charger sector do we cover?
We cover any turbo installation where industrial turbos need to run efficiently and reliably.

Our experience includes major shipping and fleet operators, cruise ships, naval clients, and off-shore platforms.

We will always be able to diagnose and repair your turbo issues, most of the time we will also show you exactly how we have performed that job before. This will give you the confidence to rely on us for all your turbo needs.

VTT is trusted every day of the year and has been for four decades
Every year millions of miles are being covered by ships whose turbochargers we have repaired, or serviced or upgraded. It is a responsibility we take seriously. Our work is carried out with senior managers and engineers and with time proven procedures.

Our extensive library of case studies have the answers you need
Vargas Turbo's archives are unique and growing every day. They document thousands of turbocharger problems and their solutions. Combined with the experience of our engineers and our relationship with manufacturers, you will be able to rely on Vargas Turbo to fix issues with power, reliability, economy or emissions that your fleet or power plant will encounter.

Preventative Maintenance Plans Designed for Your Fleet
By independently assessing the range of turbochargers in your fleet against our database of real world, operational issues, we will design a scheduled plan of parts and servicing to keep your fleet reliable as possible.