Quality is the sum of all parts

This year we celebrate 35 years of service and specialization for users of industrial turbo chargers.

Over the years we developed systems, procedures and engineering capability that helped us become a top notch trusted independent turbocharger.


And as we enter an age where extracting performance, economy and reliability from engines and power plants is critical, more users are calling on our independent advice and expertise to manage their turbocharger systems.

Turbocharger Industry Standards

Your repairs will exceed minimum industry standards

Our standards of inspection and service are recorded to levels that satisfy industry standards and manufacturer tolerances and in most cases exceed them.

Vargas Turbo achieves this by cross referencing all difficulties that have been encountered in the industry with the many turbocharger manufacturer's models over the last 35 years since the US Company was formed.

It is this unique database and service experience that is key to maintaining the highest standards within the industry.