35 years of continuous service to the industry

Vargas Turbo Technologies has always been one of the industry leaders with a wealth of experience for nearly 35 years repairing turbine and compressor blades by welding, re-felting air filter silencers and many other specialist engineering techniques used to ensure that engine operators and owners reduce their overall budgets and expenditure when faced with turbocharger problems or failures.

Workshop has a number of different cleaning options and a dynamic balancing facility.

Minimum 12 month warranty

All repairs are given a full minimum 12 month warranty and the company always insures its products for public and product liability, please ask the service and sales teams for more information.

Non destructive testing

Can be carried out on site or at our workshop after extensive cleaning to detect fatigue related stress cracks or foreign object damage related cracks. Please enquire about repair options available before buying new or simply ask for a quotation to repair a worn or damaged rotor and keep it as a spare replacement part.